MAC Lipstick Collection

I feel as if a MAC lipstick is every beauty addict’s true weakness. There’s something about the formula which, for me at least, can’t be beaten by any other brand, high-end or drugstore. Over the past year or so I’ve began to build up a little collection…

T L-R: Syrup, Cosmo, Mehr ¦ B L-R: Faux, MACXFDF, MACXAlessandra

The first two MAC lipsticks I bought were Faux and Syrup. Two of their most popular, and raved about shades. Syrup has been a go-to for everyday wear since the day I bought it. It has a sheer berry tone which can be worn year-round and is perfect for work or school. Faux is like Syrup’s big sister. It’s more on the pink side and is more suited for long-wear.

Next, I bought Cosmo and Mehr. Again, two very raved about shades. Lily Pebbles is the reason I bought Mehr; she talked about it so much about 6-12 months ago and I just couldn’t help myself. Again, this is in the berry family but being matte, it’s a very long wearing lipstick; ideal if you hate topping up throughout the day! Cosmo is actually a shade I haven’t worn much. I’m not so sure it suits me, but the colour is gorgeous regardless.

L-R: Syrup, Cosmo, Mehr, Faux, MACXFDF, MACXAlessandra


After hearing that Fleur de Force would be releasing a lipstick with MAC, I’ve been keeping my eye out for it for months! The day finally arrived earlier this month, along with a release from Alessanda Steinherr, Beauty Director at Glamour UK. I ordered them as soon as they were released and I haven’t stopped wearing MACXAlessandra since! Like Syrup, it’s a perfect everyday, sheer pink.What are your favourite MAC lipsticks? I’d love some new recommedations!

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