Primark P.S. Beauty Tested

So, I went to Primark. Again.

I intended to walk in, pick up the Gucci look-a-like loafers and walk out again but, the shoes were not in stock in my size and I ended up browsing the store for around 30 minutes.

I wandered upon a new range of P.S Beauty makeup and skincare. The new makeup range in centred around Instagram ‘perfect’ makeup, whilst the skincare items are doing really well to appear more upmarket than they actually are.

I also picked up this “magic” makeup removing cloth. It claims that it will remove your makeup entirely with just water. I tried it out this afternoon whilst I had on a full face of makeup. It actually did rather well at removing base makeup – I used micellar water afterwards and there was nothing on the cotton pad. However, without really tugging at your eyes, it doesn’t remove eye makeup; I had to go in with micellar water to de-panda myself.

Continuing on with skincare, I picked up their daytime moisturiser. I’ve been using this for about two weeks now and I’m actually very impressed. It’s so rich and hydrating; for my skin type, it’s probably more suited to night-time skincare but it does soak in very quickly if you want to use before makeup. It is only around £4, and for Primark this product is amazing. The packaging is also very impressive; the box is way more upmarket than what you’d expect for Primark and the jar itself is very sophisticated.

The Flash Photo Powder, honestly, is terrible. It has a blue tint to it in the pan, and actually manages to make your skin look blue. For girls darker than I am, this might not show but I am very pale, and after using this, I looked a little ill.

I picked up the Insta Girl Perfecting Stick, which I assumed would be good for pore filling and general smoothing, but in reality, all it did was leave my skin feeling a little greasy, and just as cakey.

The CC concealer you can see above is intended for dark circles. I can’t really complain about this, it does work, just not for me. I’m just too pale to use such a dark CC concealer; I had a very hard time covering up the orange, although it did mask very very dark circles!

So, all in all it wasn’t a very successful Primark trip. From this haul alone, I wouldn’t recommend trying their makeup, but I do have a couple of things from previous trips which I like; I have a primer water which works well as a refreshing mist during the day and a makeup setting spray from their workout range which does actually increase the longevity of my makeup.

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