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Current Beauty Favourites

It’s been a while since I’ve done a favourites post; so go grab yourself a cuppa and a snack, I’ve got a few things to talk about here…

I’m going to start off with base products, because that’s what I have the most of to talk about today. To begin with, I’m going to show you my love, my saviour, my favourite favourite; the LA Girl Pro Cover HD Foundation in white. All of my liquid foundations have gotten waaaay too dark for me over winter and this works amazingly to bring them down to my exact shade. I can actually wear my favourite foundations again!

Following on from the white foundation, I’ve gotten back into this Clinique foundation now i can lighten it to suit me better. It’s quite full coverage and very matte, so dry-skinned girls stay away! Although it’s matte, it isn’t flat though, somehow it looks very natural on the skin, perfect for those days when you need just a bit more coverage.

My third base product this month is the Bourjois City Radiance foundation. I Covet Thee claimed that this was a dupe for the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue. I disagree, it is light coverage and very lightweight on the skin but it’s nothing like the Complexion Rescue. Nevertheless, I do love this base for off duty days.

My final base favourite is actually a very recent discovery but I still wanted to include it in this post. This is the New Look Flawless Foundation and Contour Stick. It is incredible; so creamy, doesn’t drag on the skin and blends like a dream. Also, the shade Porcelain is a perfect match for me!

Following on from base products, I need to mention these blending sponges by Eco Tools. You get two in a pack for about £9-10; one large for foundation and a smaller one for cream products and concealer. They both have a flat, carved out side which is perfect for reaching all the nooks on you face and are dense enough that they actually blend. If you’re a fan of the RT sponge, but don’t want to shell out £16 for the Beauty Blender, check these out!

Moving on from bases, I bought this Makeup Obsession palette and single shades from Boots, last month. The empty palette holds 12 MUO singles (eye, face, lips), comes in a variety of colours and costs £8 from Boots. The singles cost between £2-£4. I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of these products; I’ve never actually found a contour or highlighting power which I actually like before now. I suggest you all check MUO ASAP!

Another eyeshadow palette I’ve been loving lately is the Makeup Revolution Newtrals Vs Neutrals palette – the Modern Renaissance dupe. Again, the quality of these shadows surprised me; they’re never going to be high-end quality, but for £6, they are gorgeous and the colours are actually really wearable despite being all pink/red toned.

I’m still loving the Benefit Gimme Brow, and the Kiko Volume Attraction mascara, so I’m not going to go into it again, but just know they are both incredible, and I already have back ups of both!

My final makeup favourite this month, which you can see peaking into the image above (I forgot to get a solo picture!) is MAC Mehr lipstick. I do have an entire post about Mehr which you can see here, but to give you a little info, Mehr is a matte, light berry toned lipstick which goes with basically everything, everyday. I’ve pretty much only worn this since I bought it.

Unusially, I have two hair products to mention this month; both dry shampoo/texture sprays, but both very different. The Tony & Guy Texture Spray is the prefect finish for a messy wavy bob like mine, plus is smells incredible. I would totally buy a perfume of this if it existed! The Got2Be dry shampoo is really good for only £2 from Primark. It soaks up grease as well as Batiste, but also adds a bit of texture and volume to properly refresh you hair on in-between days.

So there you have my latest favourites. What have you been loving lately?


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