The Beauty Items You Don’t Need

Coming from me, a girl who has way too much make-up for everyday needs, this post might seem like a strange one. But, over the years I’ve found out what I really don’t need in my collection.

A Shit Ton of Lipliners. Unless you regularly wear bold lipsticks in the bright red, pink or orange categories then you don’t need lipliners, really. A good nude shade which matches the shade of your natural lip colour will do the trick and save you £5 per extra colour! This will line your lips to stop any bleeding and will still work to plump a little extra into your lips.

Even More Eyeliners. Like I said before, unless you regularly go for bold, colourful looks, you don’t need that many eyeliners. Prefer to use kohl? One black and one brown kohl liner will do you just fine. Like to brave it with a wing? Find your perfect liquid/gel liner and stick to it. No need to fix what ain’t broken, right?

Remember, matte eyeshadows also work well for soft liner looks.

100 Eye Palettes. Trust me, I understand the appeal of palettes; beautiful colours, gorgeous packaging, buttery formula… BUT, you don’t need 100 different eyeshadow palettes. A few really good ones from different colours/shades/finishes will provide you with everything you need to create a winning look.

I’d highly recommend a palette with lots of neutral, matte eyeshadows; these will create the base of your look and are also perfect for everyday wear. If you’re not brave enough to go all out with colour, stay clear of it and instead opt for some browns, taupes, mauves and greys in both matte and shimmery finishes.

These are some which I recommend; Zoeva Cocoa Blend, MUR Eye Contour Light & Shade, L’oreal La Palette Nude Rose.


Ridiculously Expensive Hair Products. £40 for dry shampoo (I’m looking at you Orbe)? No thanks… You don’t need to empty your bank account to get good hair. There are products on the shelves of Boots, Superdrug and even Debenhams which work just as well as the expensive ones but, they won’t leave you with buyers regret.

Batiste Dry Shampoo is one I always go back to, despite the white cast it’s known for. I have quite oily hair naturally so I need a dry shampoo which will actually soak up the grease; Batiste works perfectly for this, and you can even buy them now specially designed for texurising, volumising and shine boosting.

Tigi Bed Head is another great brand for hair styling which won’t break the bank. I personally recommend their After Party styler; this is intended as a finishing cream but I tend to use this as a taming cream before I dry my hair. It works wonders for both and is only around £7.

Every Single Shade Under the Sun. Like with eyeshadow palettes, you don’t need every shade of lipstick, blusher, bronzer or highligher which is available. Most probably won’t even suit your complexion. I am super pale and have to be very careful when it comes to bronzers and highlighers; most shades look ridiculous on me. Over the past couple of years I’ve come to accept this, and stick to what actually suits me rather than trying all of the new releases.

But, if you just love blusher, bronzer etc. that much, you can find handy palettes which contain several shades of each. Makeup Revolution, Freedom, Benefit, NYX, Sleek, and now even L’Oreal have gotten into the game of cheek palettes. You’ll find all you ever need in these palettes, and will hopefully save yourself a few pennies in the long run!


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