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Thoughts We All Have In The Gym

So there you are in the gym, working out, looking all strong and badass. But, you ain’t feeling it, right?

Here are some thought from my recent leg day…

Squats, okay, this isn’t so bad. Lets bash 10 out and move on.

  1. Oh, wait, I need to do 20 more…
  2. Shit. My legs are on fire.
  3. Phew! Squats are done! Now onto…Reverse Lunge. Send help.
  4. OMG this is going to hurt tomorrow. I’m not going to be able to sit down on the toilet without hurting.
  5. Fuck, why do I do this to myself? Oh right, that’s why (looks in mirror).
  6. Why is everybody so intense in here? Like, calm down, you’re making me look bad.
  7. Can I go home yet? Jesus, it’s only been 15 minutes.
  8. What am I having for tea later? Should probably be healthy, right? Hmm, maybe treat yo’self, you worked hard today…
  9. Concentrate, Chloe. Don’t drop this 10KG Kettlebell on your damn feet.
  10. When did I get so unfit?
  11. When did my knees start cracking when I bend?
  12. Jesus, this isn’t normal right?
  13. One more, Chloe. One more. Now 10 more and you’re done.
  14. Woo! Workout complete! I feel good, healthy, strong. I should do this more often…

Sound familiar? Let me know some of your thoughts in the gym.


  1. Lol this was great. This was very funny actually. Creative idea for a post! We all have our weird thoughts in the gym – I know I’m always like “ok just x amounts of exercises left” haha.

  2. AHAHAHAH this is so me! Like really me! The exact same thoughts I have while I go on a ran. “I need to run 20 minutes”, “5 minutes left” “fuck, I am going to fast, I’ll have to do a second lap” ahah xx C&K

  3. I HATE REVERSE LUNGES so I totally feel your pain. I swear gym time goes slower than anything else right? I click so much when I’m at the gym, even when I’m just doing yoga, I swear I have the body of an 80 year old woman?

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