How to be More Productive

Like most uni students, I don’t have a regular routine. Because of this, I sometimes struggle to find the motivation to get shit done. Here’s a few tips I’ve found helpful when I’ve had a to-do list longer than my right arm…

Workin’ Nine-to-Five…

Instead of laying in bed until midday on your days off, set an alarm for 8/9am and work a 9-to-five day. Get up, shower, make a warm, filling breakfast and you’re ready to kick-start your day.

Getting into a nine-to-five routine holds many other benefits beyond productiveness; you’ll sleep better (having not woken up in the afternoon!), your general health will be significantly better since you’ll be eating regular meals and will have the time to get some exercise. Finally, you’ll have time in your day to do all of the things in life that you really enjoy. Personally, I like having the time in the morning to do my hair and make up, and generally make myself look a little less rough.

Make a Plan, and Actually Stick To It!

I keep mentioning a to-do list in this post, and I can’t recommend it enough. I tend to plan my week out on a Sunday night, adding in all of the necessary things I have to do in the week, and filling in the rest as the week goes ahead. Usually, I use different coloured pens to signify home and uni life, just to make things easier to see.

Having a to-do list (which is open for all to see!) gives me a sense of accountability in a way; I feel like I have to get the stuff on my list done. Sean would never scald me not not completing my list by the time he gets home from work, but him working makes me want to actually achieve something in the day. Crossing off those tasks on a mammoth list helps me do that.

Give Yourself a Break

Let’s face it, procrastination is the bane of our lives. Most of us can’t fully concentrate for more than 30 minutes at a time, but instead of picking up your phone or clicking onto Youtube, give yourself a short break every now and again.

If you’re working from home, go make a drink, and drink it away from your workstation. Give yourself a proper break by taking your mind off of the things your’re working on. I find the best way to do this is to take myself away from my desk for half-an-hour or so.

Don’t take breaks all the time just for the sake of it, that’s basically just procrastination. When you feel your concentration lagging or your mind drifting thats the time to grab that cup of tea and catch up with whatever crap TV is on during the day.

So there are my three top this on how to be productive. What do you do to stop procrastinating and reaching for the remote?


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