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Every now and again I like to switch up the products in my everyday makeup bag so that I actually use all of the products I unnecessarily own. Here’s a look into what’s been on my face for the past few weeks…

Trying to beat the winter doom, gloom and dull skin, I’ve been starting my base off with the Seventeen Wow Skin Primer/Highlighter. This gives an amazing glow without leaving you glittery or a little bit too glowy. I then use a lightweight base like the Body Shop BB Cream to even out my skin and then go in with either Maybelline’s Fit Me! concealer or Kiko’s Full Coverage concealer to hide any blemishes. Both work well, but the Kiko concealer is much heavier and more suited to acne and unwanted breakouts.

I then go in with a setting powder; this one is by Bare Minerals and is a pressed version of their classic Mineral Veil. It’s translucent so will suit any skin tone and has a slight lemony smell which I’m not sure I actually like… It does set your base quite well, although depending on how oily your skin is, you might need to retouch during the day.

This is my all-time favourite cheek combo; The Body Shop Honey Bronzer and Becca Flowerchild Blusher. The bronzer is completely matte so can be used year-round. This is shade 01 so it quite light in colour, perfect for even the palest of skin tones. Becca Flowerchild is just as perfect for pale skin; the colour tends to perk up my skin really well, giving a lovely healthy glow.

I’ve been using this MUR palette to death since I got it a few weeks ago. It’s supposed to be a really good dupe for the ABH Modern Renaissance palette for a fraction of the cost; if you’re looking at the ABH one, I’d recommend trying this first. The quality and pigmentation is surprisingly good for the cost.

As usual, my Gimmie Brow is what I’ve been using on my brows recently. It’s the lazy girls perfect brow product! For mascara, though, I’ve just picked up the Bourjois Volume Reveal. I honestly can’t fault this mascara. It’s never going to replace my Clinique High Impact Mascara, but for now I’m loving this one.

I’ve never been that into MAC but there is something about their lipsticks that I just can’t seem to find elsewhere. The quality, colour and finish is truely amazing and this past few weeks I’ve really been into Mehr and Cosmo. They’re both perfect everyday shades in reasonably long lasting finishes.

So there we have it, my everyday makeup. What have you been loving recently? Let me know down in the comments.

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