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Stop Skipping Breakfast!

Believe me when I say that breakfast is certainly not the most important meal of my day. If I’m up early for uni, I rarely take the time to make myself a nice, nutritious breakfast. If, on the rare occasion, I do have breakfast on these days chances are it’s sugary cereal or toast. Not healthy.

Not too long ago I came across a post about Overnight Oats and thought “that’s brilliant; it might make porridge taste nice…”. It does taste nice, especially if you use a fruity yoghurt or add some fruit to it in the morning.

The jist of it is to take equal quantities of porridge oats (I use Tesco Basics) and either milk or yoghurt and let it sit overnight (I found 24 hours works best) to soak in. The longer you leave it, the better the results are, really.

In the morning you have a healthy, nutritious and energy inducing breakfast which you can even eat on the go. No excuses now!


  1. I’d definitely find it so hard to miss breakfast – I’m always so hungry and I wouldn’t be able to wait until lunch to eat! Porridge is such a great idea for breakfast, I love how you can add anything you want and it’s so healthy!

  2. I never eat breakfast.. if I do it’s rare. I think it’s because I really have to be feeling it if that makes sense lol You are so right though! Breakfast is so important and I think I would be less exhausted mid day if I would start eating breakfast lol 😅
    Very great post!

    Nikki O

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