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I recently bought a copy of Zanna Van Djik’s book Strong, not really expecting to get anything out of it; after all, I’m hardly the most fitness-focused person right now. But there’s where I was wrong; this book is more than ideal for someone like me; someone who maybe wants to begin a journey in fitness & health, but has no idea where to begin, what to do, what to eat and, most importantly, how to keep on track.

I’ve been a member of a gym for the past 6 months or so, but haven’t seen any progress whatsoever. That’s because; A) I had no drive, B) I had no goal, and C) I had no idea what I should have been doing.

Zanna’s book, Strong is the perfect guide to fitness and health for beginners. She explains resistance training and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) in full with beginner and advanced workout examples. She also breaks down gym jargon for those of us who don’t really know how reps, sets and rests work!

As well as fitness, Zanna addresses healthy eating (note: NOT A DIET). Her mantra is to simply eat a balanced diet with plenty of veggies on the side. Unlike other health books, I feel like I can actually get on board with ¬†Zanna’s style of eating; you don’t have to deny yourself every last piece of happiness, just eat those things in moderation.

However, the most important thing that I got from this book is a change of attitude towards a healthy lifestyle. At 2am on a Tuesday night, I was laid in bed finishing the last few pages of this book, super-pumped to get back to Sheffield and into the gym to try out my newly planned workout based on Zanna’s examples. But more than this, I was excited to go food shopping for healthy goods; butternut squash, peppers, sweet potato, carrots, spinach…the list goes on. Who am I?!

All I can say is; thanks, Zanna; you have totally overhauled my attitude to fitness and health within 2 days.


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