A True Romance

As usual, I couldn’t control myself when The Body Shop’s advert for their winter sale popped up in my Facebook feed. Of course I clicked the link and of course I added more shower gel to my basket than I would ever need, but this time I noticed the palette I’d had my eye on for months was only £6; of course that went in my basket…

A True Romance is a 4 shade eyeshadow palette consisting of 3 cool toned shimmery greys and purples and a matte cream shade.

Unlike some affordable drugstore/highstreet palettes on the market, these are actually quite good quality. They don’t have the strong pigmentation of some high end palettes, but I like that about them; you can build up the colour without going overboard.

The blendability of these shadows doesn’t seem much to write home about at first, especially when you use only one shadow, but when you stand blending the colours together, they blend quite easily.

My only real issue with this palette is that there is no dark, matte shade. I usually like to line my eyes with a dark shadow rather than an actual eyeliner as it’s much softer on my very pale skin. But, this isn’t a huge problem, I have plenty of other shades in my collection which does this!


  1. Looks like a very easy every-day palette.
    I tried Body Shop’s Eyeshadows for the first time just before I left UK and I was really impressed. Of course I arrived to Cyprus only to find out that they decided to close all the Body Shop branches here WEEKS before. Just my luck!! Now I am left seeing them in blog posts and feeling envy….

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