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What You Actually Need to Pack for Uni



So, university is just around the corner and you only have a couple of weeks left to shop for and pack the essentials before freshers week begins.

There are hundreds of articles floating around the web at this time of year telling you what you need to take to uni with you. Unless these people are, or have been students, ignore these articles. They have no idea.

John Lewis thinks that university essentials include a £120 Cannon wireless printer, an £80 bedding set, a £230 ergonomic office chair and a £100 Samsung microwave. You don’t need this stuff; it’s cheaper to print from you universities printers, and your halls accommodation will always provide you with basic kitchen electricals, a desk and a chair in your room.

Before I get into what you do need, here’s a list of things you don’t need:

  • A printer
  • Kitchen electricals
  • Every game/games console you own. You’re a fresher; go out and socialise!
  • Stationary. Obviously you need this, but buy it from Wilko before your lectures begin. Don’t waste space in your suitcase!
  • Your entire wardrobe. Plan ahead and carefully choose items which have lots of options. You’ll no doubt buy more when your loan comes in anyway!
  • Your pets. Believe it or not, not everyone loves cats.


So what do you need?

  • Important documents; Passport, ID, exam certificates, Visa, acceptance letter. You’ll need them in your first few weeks.
  • A good laptop. Don’t bother with a desktop computer, you’ll often need to lug your laptop around campus with you. Especially near deadlines.
  • Noise cancelling headphones/earphones. You’re going to be living with people from now on. There might be sounds coming from the next room you definitely don’t want to hear…
  • Kitchen essentials. Don’t actually pack these; check what your place has already provided you with; and, like with stationary, pick up some bargains from the Wilko down the road when you move in. And by essentials I mean basic plates/bowls/dishes/cups etc, basic cutlery, a few pans (a wok is brilliantly multi-purpose) and some glasses. You also might want to pick up some disposable glasses for the inevitable parties you’re going to host.
  • A cheap clothes horse isn’t essential but will definitely save you some pennies on your halls’ dryers.
  • Cheap bed sheets. Buy two sets you filthy animal  😉
  • A big bag (or a laundry basket). It will help with the move, but will also be a massive help when you lug all of your washing down to the washing room on the regular.
  • Personal hygiene products for your first night. You might not have the chance to go shopping for these essentials, so take them with you.
  • Two towels.
  • Make sure to take at least one smart outfit. If you plan on finding a job, you’ll need interview outfits.
  • Girls; don’t forget your beauty essentials. It’l cost you  a bomb to repurchase it all.
  • Finally; don’t forget your underwear!

Don’t forget, guys; you’re not moving to the middle of nowhere. You can buy whatever you forget when you get there.

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