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Alicia Keys’#NoMakeUp Movement

Inspired by Alicia Key’s No Make Up Movement, I decided to dedicate this week to natural beauty. My three posts this week will be all about embracing your natural beauty; The No Make Up Movement, Curly Hair Problems, and Acne Skin Saviors.

As Alicia Keys said in her essay Time to Uncover, we all get to a point in our lives where we struggle with insecurities and worry about being perfect. This is the point in our lives when we start wearing make up, become conscious about our weight, our fashion and our hair.

For most of us it starts in high school, maybe when we start to develop problematic skin, or maybe when our friends come to school wearing mascara and lipstick one day; or start talking about how “fat” they are and just have to go on a diet.

In her essay, Alicia talks about how she thinks women are brainwashed into feeling like “we have to be skinny, or sexy, or desirable, or perfect”, and to some degree I agree with her. There is so much pressure on girls, and boys, today to look like models on the cover of Vogue or movie stars in Hollywood; but in reality these expectations aren’t attainable.

Being a twenty-something with problem skin, living in a city and being surrounded by “perfect” people all day long, I’ve began to feel the pressure of having to look acceptable when I take the streets of Sheffield. No longer do I feel like I can wonder around town sans make up, with my greasy hair up in a bun, wearing leggings; I feel like people are judging me when I look like this. I feel as if store assistants question why I’m even bothering being in their store, and god forbid if I buy make up when I’m not wearing any; the looks I get from store assistants are enough to make you never want to leave the house without make up ever again.

We’re now living in a world where people are “too” everything; too fat, too skinny, wearing too much make up, not enough make up, too frumpy, too ‘up themselves’. The list goes on.

This shouldn’t be the case, and like Alicia, I’m sick of feeling like I have to wear make up. I want to get to a place where I choose to wear make up solely because i enjoy wearing it. I love make up, and I really enjoy applying it when I have the time, but more than anything I want to reach a place where I can embrace a fresh face, my frizzy mane and not care what people think.

Check out Alicia’s original article here.


  1. Nicely said girl! I totally agree, I really needed to laugh when you said you can’t buy makeup when you’re not wearing any, I feel that way all the time. They look at me like I’m stupid. A “do you even know how to use that” face, haha! Nice post 🙂 X

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