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Blush Favourites

Here’s the second installment in my series of shopping my stash and finding my favourites. I’ve always had a thing for blusher, it was one of the first things I really got into when i started wearing make up.

If I remember correctly, Benefit’s Coralista was the first blusher I bought (or my mum bought for me). I’ve been through countless boxes of this blusher over the years, and now I have it in a handy blush palette Benefit brought out last Christmas. It is the perfect coral-peach with a gold shimmer running through it which gives a lovely glow, perfect for spring and summer months!

2016-08-28 16.30.12
Rockateur : top middle; Coralista: second on the bottom.

Rockateur, also in the palette, is another favourite. It’s a great year-round shade which can be worn with almost any look. It’s a subtle dusky pink which will suit lots of skin tones and is a perfect option for daytime.

Next is Rimmel’s blush in Pink Sorbet. The thing I love about this blush is that it isn’t overly pigmented; you can’t go overboard. I first came across this when I  was searching for dupes for Coralista; Pinterest suggested Pink Sorbet. I wouldn’t say that it’s a perfect dupe but the colour is quite similar, just without the shimmer.

2016-08-28 16.31.07

Becca’s blush in Flowerchild was my favourite for the most of spring  this year and I’ll no doubt be going back to it when it gets to the point where I’m too pale to pull of bronzer anymore. The colour looks amazing on very pale skin and gives such a healthy flush – kind of the point of blusher, right?

Finally, my most recent addition to my collection, Sleek’s blusher in Rose Gold. This is a great dupe for Nars Orgasm for a fraction of the price. Similar to Coralista, this is a coral-peach with a gold shimmer running through it; great for what’s left of summer. It’s quite pigmented though, so be careful when applying Sleek blushes!

2016-08-28 16.29.57


What are you favourite blushers? Let me know down in the comments!




























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